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Mark Dubois

Mark Dubois

At Studio DuBois, our work begins with our clients.

We get to know them well. How they live. How they want to live. What they believe a home should be, both aesthetically and experientially.

From there, our goals are simple and fundamental: To create spaces that are both visually stunning and deeply satisfying for them to live in.

Spaces that might be quietly bold and unexpected.

Spaces that might be serene yet surprising and delightful.

Spaces where the outdoors is as important as the indoors.

Spaces that will feel as right in year seven as they did on day one.

In the case of the many public spaces we’ve done, the same principles apply.

Who will use them? How will they be used? What are the intrinsic visual and experiential qualities that they need to be deeply satisfying to work in? 

As you look through some of our projects on this site, we hope you’ll get a clear sense of how we think and work.

We look forward to talking to you about your project, and how we might help you realize your vision to its fullest, most satisfying degree.

Mark DuBois, Bio

Mark believes thoughtful and imaginative design is vital to the well-being and success of communities, organizations and individuals. Good design stimulates our senses, inspires our thoughts, and nurtures our well being.

Born in Boston and raised in Toronto, Mark received his undergraduate degree from Harvard in Astrophysics in 1978. After several projects with NASA and the construction of a radio telescope, he shifted his focus to the design of buildings. He received his Masters in Architecture from Yale in 1984 and worked in Paris before settling in New York.

Integrating all the parts of a project is central to Mark’s design approach. He seeks to unify how a building sits on its site and within its community, how the spaces are shaped, and how the smallest details are part of the overall concept. Mark has been an adjunct faculty member at City College and a guest critic at Columbia, Parsons, Pratt and Temple. He is LEED accredited, a member of the American Institute of Architects, the Architectural League and NCARB, and is registered in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Texas.